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Cab Unit 

We source rugged tablets, made for high-usage applications - because we know that being on work sites isn't a dance through the daises! Your tablets will come with the AmberTrax Cab App pre-installed, and other functions locked so they can't be misused or become a distraction.

Our tablets are heat, dust and water resistant, so they can keep up with you while you work.

Civil Locator

The perfect complement to our AmberTrax App, the Civil Locator clips easily to a belt or sits in a pocket. Like the Cab Unit, it's tough: mil-spec, IP65, so you know it can take the knocks. The Civil Locator handset is a great choice if your site is inhospitable to smartphones, or one where the more fragile nature of a phone is likely to be a liability. The more specific function means a battery life that will last through the whole work day too, so you'll never be at risk.

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