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Every business, every site, even within the same industry, is different. Each one has specific and unique needs, so we've designed flexible packages to make it easy for you to choose what is going to work best for your business - and for your budget!


If you've already got compatible hardware and data connections, then you could go with the Core package. Simple and easy, the AmberTrax software, in the form of the cellphone app, the machinery app (designed for use on a tablet) and our Dispatch Panel. 


If you're starting out, upgrading, or would simply prefer that someone else source your hardware, but you've got data connections set up, this is the one for you. As with the base Core package, Core Plus includes the three vital software components, and we'll supply tablets for your machinery and civil locators.


AmberTrax's deluxe fuss-free package, for when you just need it done, today - and by someone else!

Hardware, software, and data, the whole non yards; done and delivered.

*Please note, pricing may vary due to differing requirements.

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