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Smartphone App

The core of all our services and our crowning jewel is the AmberTrax smartphone App. 

Free for the user to download and available for both Android and Apple platforms, it only takes moments before you're ready to step onto any AmberTrax 

monitored site and know that anyone can see you at any time. Working with cellphone triangulation and GPS satellites, your position on site can be seen by machine operators, and also on the AmberTrax Dispatch Screen. You'll be alerted to any danger zones or geo-fences, keeping you out of harm's way.

*The App is also offered on our tough IP65 rated Civil Locator, for the sites that a smartphone might not be suitable or where phone battery life might compromise safety.

Cab App

Sister in function to the AmberTrax Smartphone App and just as vital, is the Cab App. Downloaded (or pre-installed onto an AmberTrax supplied tablet, depending on which service package you choose for your business) onto a tablet, this smart piece of software is customisable and compatible to any machine you may have, regardless of size, age or function. Once installed, the AmberTrax Cab App effectively gives your machine operators eyes in the back of their heads. As with the Smartphone App,  GPS and cellphone triangulation work together to show the location of other machinery, pedestrian personnel, or other hazards on site. Both audio and visual on-screen warnings are given should any safety zone be breached, and the warning can only be deactivated by acknowledgement from the operator. The tablet can even be wired in to shut the machine down, should a warning go unacknowledged. These functions create a space for reaction time, so that could-have-been moment never happens.

Dispatch Screen

There's not much point in a monitoring system if management can't see what's going on - so we developed our Dispatch Screen. 

Not only can you see your site from anywhere in the world that you've got an internet connection and a tablet or computer (we don't recommend viewing your Dispatch Screen on a phone due to screen size), you can see your whole working site at a glance from a bird's eye view, in real time. 

Added features are recording and reporting, so the admin team can get a handle on what's happening out on site. Every safety zone breach, near miss or incident is logged, so you or the team can go back in and see how it occurred. 

Designed to be unobtrusive, the Dispatch Screen isn't one more thing to do  - activate it in the morning and then it does its job while you do yours. 


Just one of the many advantages to the AmberTrax system, customised reporting helps you keep track and troubleshoot. For example, if there's a hot spot for incidents on your site, it'll show up in reports. We can also report on the movements of your staff on site, as well as machinery run times and operational movement. The extensive raw data is simplified and condensed into an easy to read PDF file which will be emailed to you at a frequency that best suits your business.


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