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At AmberTrax we understand that every worksite is different, even within the same company, so we work with site managers and staff to customise our systems for exactly what you need.

We utilise cellphone networks and GPS satellites to triangulate and monitor the movements of staff and machinery on any site. Exclusion zones around moving machinery can be tailored to the specific needs of that particular machine, be it truck, loader, or digger - or even stationery machinery that you need geofenced to prevent anyone coming too close inadvertently. We can also geofence no-go zones for you, if there's a restricted area of your site that you need to keep staff out of for whatever reason.

Our software, once installed, includes built-in alarming to warn operators that another machine or a person is in their operating (exclusion) zone, giving them the opportunity to respond appropriately.


We're like a pause button in the moments that define a near miss from a tragedy.

What We Do

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